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Trade in your old iPad 2 and receive £80 towards a new iPad or Mac

Get money off your new iPad or Mac with our friends Stormfront, the UK's biggest Apple Premium Reseller

Stormfront is offering £80 towards a brand new iPad or Mac when you trade in your old iPad 2 with your local Apple experts in-store.

Stormfront is always looking for ways to make the purchase of Apple devices more affordable and also better value. The largest Apple Premium Reseller in the UK is now offering iPad 2 owners the chance to walk into store with an iPad 2, and walk out potentially with an iPad Pro for as little as £329. What’s more, Stormfront’s three-year guarantee is included with all Apple devices at no extra cost.


As long as your iPad 2 meets the minimum requirements for trade-in such as powering on, is in good condition and has not been subjected to liquid damage, then your iPad 2 will be accepted. To check if your iPad is eligible, visit here for all the details you need.

Once you know that you can trade in your iPad, pop in and visit one of our Apple experts in your local store. They have all the knowledge and expertise to advise you exactly which device is best for you.

If you really want to get the best from your new device, sign up to our Personal Trainer membership. This will give you access to over 100 one-hour, one-to-one lessons that you can book at any time- in your local Stormfront store. Find our more here.

For more information, and to see whether your device will qualify for trade-in, visit us now, or alternatively pop into your local Stormfront store.