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Top ten ways to work smarter in Pages

Professional, dynamic, inspiring, ground-breaking – these are just some of the comments you want people to say when they look at your Pages document, but if you haven’t got the know-how to use the app, it can be hard to attain such glowing praise. A great starting point is to use one of Pages’ eye-catching templates, but why not go beyond that and unleash your own creative flair as well? To do that you’ll need skill, and that skill comes from knowing more about the application and how to use it to create your own unique masterpiece.

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In this proactive tutorial we’ll show you how it’s possible to generate projects that leap off the page just by knowing a series of essential tips, tricks and techniques, as well as a handful of superstar shortcuts. So what are you waiting for? Crack open a Pages document and let’s get started!

1 Standout imagery

Give images a bit of extra oomph by adding shadow and dimension; perfect for making them pop. With the picture selected, tick the Shadow Checkbox in the Format bar of the Graphic inspector and play around with its colour, angle, reflection and opacity.


2 Behind the mask

If you want to crop an image in Pages, use the Mask feature. With the picture selected, plump for Mask from the Format menu. Next, change the size, angle and position of the mask. When you’re happy, click on Edit Mask in the dedicated control window.


3 Create your own template

If you’ve engineered a document using your own specific layout and styles, why not save it as a template? Head to File and select Save as Template. The next time you open the Template Chooser you’ll find it in My Templates complete with its own thumbnail.


4 A maths muddle

If you want to add a table but aren’t great with numbers, let Pages do it for you. Head to the Inspector’s Table window and in the Format section choose the relevant equations. What’s more you can even generate your own function using the Formula Editor.


5 Colour a point

If there’s a particularly important part of your text you want to draw the reader’s attention to, add a paragraph colour. Highlight the paragraph and using the Text Inspector hit More>Background Fills>Paragraph and select a colour that flatters your document.


6 Keep it tidy

While placing items in a haphazard way can sometimes look creative, more often than not they come across looking messy. By using Pages’ Alignment Guides you can snap items into position, so all your images and text line up, improving its design and professionalism.


7 Measure up

If you prefer to work in imperial rather than metric you can adjust the way the ruler’s measurement units are presented. Head to Pages in the menubar and hit Preferences. Choose Ruler and then Ruler Units. Follow this up by simply picking which option you prefer.


8 Time is of the essence

You can save time and effort clicking on lots of different options by having several Inspector windows open at once. Instead of just clicking to open a tab, hold down the Option (Alt) key and click on the extra tab you need to boost your workflow even further.


9 Matchy matchy

You may have noticed that when you copy and paste text from an email or webpage into a Pages document, the font’s style doesn’t automatically change to the existing style. Highlight the text and go to the Style drawer and choose the desired style.


10 Spread the word

One of the easiest ways to share your work is to head up to the Share menu and send it via Mail. Alternatively there is Mail Merge, which enables you to send the same Pages document out to lots of different people in one go. Find it under the Edit menu.


In-depth: Working in pages

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