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Top 5: Reasons to buy an iPhone 4S

There might well be an air of disappointment when it comes to the iPhone 4S, but the latest iteration of Apple's iPhone is selling, and it's selling well. Here's a few reasons why.

Yesterday, Apple announced that pre-orders of the iPhone 4S topped one million in just one day. That’s almost double the 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders placed almost a year and a half ago. The news certainly went some way to silence the naysayers who’ve been expressing their disappointment and what they consider to be a fairly minor update to the iPhone and it shows that the iPhone 4S clearly does having something going for it. So in the true iCreate ‘top 5’ spirit we thought we’d list the top 5 reasons to join the million people who’ve already signed away for the fifth generation of what we think is a rather awesome phone.

Of course, an iCreate top 5 wouldn’t be an iCreate top 5 if there wasn’t some disagreement about what went in to it. So, if you find yourself reading this and shaking with rage, or even just mildly disagreeing, let us know! We’re 100 issues young (almost) here, and we’re still naiive enough to allow you to tell us how you feel about everything and anything – so Tweet us (@iCreateMagazine), write on our Facebook page, or pop a comment below. If you feel that strongly, you can even take the more direct, less social approach and email us at Whatever you do, make sure you read what’s below first or you’ll be missing a lot of commenting ammo…

iPhone 4S - Siri
Siri is scarily human it its responses

1) Siri
Were you really expecting anything less? Siri pretty much turned last week’s keynote around and bought some much-needed Apple magic to the table. Scott Forstall’s demo may have been pre-planned and scripted, but every report we’ve seen seems to suggest that it works just as well in a real-life situation. Having a voice-controlled personal assistant that’ll read your texts and let you reply by dictation is cool enough, but when you can use it to find nearby restaurants or even navigate that nasty calendar app, it’s nothing short of genius. Apple have played a clever game here and tied it down to the 4S as opposed to making it a standard feature of iOS 5 and that alone, whilst hugely frustrating for those of us locked into iPhone 4 contracts, will mean that an upgrade or first-time purchase of the 4S is well worth it.

2) That camera
Every other smartphone owner on the planet has been stopped in their gloating tracks by the iPhone’s new camera. What once was slightly laughable in the eyes of Samsung and HTC is now a serious contender for those photography affectionados who are too lazy to carry around an iPhone and their DSLR. Don’t let those 8 megapixels fool you into thinking this still isn’t a serious photo-taking machine though, Apple says that it’s all in the optics and we at iCreate (who fortunately sit opposite our friends on Digital Photographer and Photography for Beginners, so can check these things) are inclined to agree.

3) 1080p Video
This one really seemed to cause a bit of a stir over on Twitter and we certainly got a few retweets when we announced this, so it seems only right that we throw this one in here. Whilst the iPhone 4 was already rocking 720p HD video, true HD evangelists amongst you will appreciate just how awesome 1080p really is. The real killer feature though, in our opinion anyway, is the image stabilisation features that are now built in, making full use of the iPhone 4S’ gyroscope to make sure your beautiful true HD videos aren’t marred by rubbish camerawork.

iPhone 4S - A5
Dual-core + A5 = Awesome gaming

4) The A5 Chip
It’s dual-core Jim, but not as we know it. Well, that’s a lie. We do. It’s already in the iPad 2. But surely putting something that powers a bigger device in a smaller one means it’ll work just as well if not better, right? That’s our thinking behind it anyway. Either way, this new chip means games will run smoother and look more life-like and generally the whole phone will feel that little bit more awesome. Fortunately for us power users, the battery life remains pretty much the same as well.

5) iOS 5 and iCloud
An iCreate top 5 wouldn’t be an iCreate top 5 if we didn’t cop-out a little on our last point. And what a cop-out this is! iCloud and iOS 5 might well be coming to every iPhone in Apple’s current range, but you might well be waiting a while if you’re downloading a software update to get it. These things tend to get jammed up fairly quickly, therefore getting a new iPhone 4S with iOS 5 pre-installed is the easiest option! Okay, that’s a little silly. But let us assure you (whilst simultaneously not breaking any NDAs) that iOS 5 is the best thing to happen to the iPhone since, well, ever.

So that’s our top five, naturally you’re either going to be nodding enthusiastically or dangling your Mac/iPad/iPhone out of the window in pure anger right now, but the important thing is that you let us know which by getting in touch (all the details for that are at the top, remember?). Oh, and maybe don’t drop your beloved Mac/iPad/iPhone out of the window.