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Top 5 Kickstarter Projects You Should Get Behind – 20 Jan

Looking for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project to get behind, but not sure if its legit? Here’s Gadget magazine’s round-up of the coolest tech to get behind this month, including a drone you can program yourself and a microscope that you can fit in your wallet.


There has been a movement to make drones simpler to use recently, with autonomous drones like the Hexo+ and Parrot Disco, but if you’re an experienced user you want more control over your quadrocopter, not less. Enter CoDrone. You can program it to do whatever you want, from tracking your movements to engaging in laser battles.

Not sure how to code? That’s ok. Created by RoboLink, CoDrone is in part an educational tool intended for schools, so includes step-by-step tutorials to help you program your drone to fly in five minutes. Once you’ve learnt the basics, you can program your drone to do anything you want and make use of its varied sensors, including an on-board camera and infra-red.

Having been running for over a month, many of the early bird offers for CoDrone are now gone. However, for $139 pledge you can be one of the first to receive a CoDrone and save around 20% off the retail price. If you’re quick and pledge $169, you can save 20% on a CoDrone plus a Rover expansion.


Looking to get fit this spring? Carver is a quirky combination of tricycle and crosstrainer. Like a crosstrainer it works your entire body, with you pulling on bars as well as cycling, but with the added advantage that you’re mobile so you free yourself from the gym and explore the outdoors. The front bars don’t actually steer you though, instead you shift your weight like you would on a snowboard.

This Dutch design has been in development since 2008 and promises to burn 5.4 kilocalories per minute, where as a conventional bike ride only burns 3.6 and a walk burns 2.4.

If you want a Carver for yourself, you’ll have to pledge at least €499 – around $540. But Carver doesn’t have long left on its Kickstarter campaign and is currently €26,0000 short of its 35K goal with only 19 backers, so while we like the idea, you may want to think twice about whether to support it.


While no one seems 100 per cent sure what to do with them, smartwatches have grown in popularity since the launch of the Apple Watch last year. DokiWatch is a 3G-enabled smartwatch designed for kids, which allows them to video call their parents.

It has a 2MP front-facing camera for video calls, a touchscreen and a battery that lasts 36 hours, but is also coated in a water-resistant rubber so it can handle the rough and tumble of playtime.

The watch also tracks fitness using an accelerometer, rewarding users for exercising by feeding a built-in Tamogotchi-like pet based on the number of steps they take.

Concerned parents can also use DokiWatch to keep track of their kids at all time using the watch’s built-in GPS. You can also get automated alerts when they enter or leave specific places, such as home, school or a friend’s house.

While the DokiWatch will cost $179, pledges of $149 now will get you a DokiWatch from May this year onwards. Can’t wait that long? If you’re quick, a limited number in mango yellow will arrive in April and don’t cost any extra!


uPeek is a professional-quality microscope that works with your smartphone and fits in your wallet.

This Swiss-made gadget has a four-element motorized lens with a 320x magnification, so you can zoom in eight times closer than you could with an average smartphone. But it pairs with either your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth and a companion app, so you can intuitively zoom in on slides using your phone’s touchscreen. With a range of lights, uPeek can be used for brightfield, darkfield and flurorescene microscopy.

For added portability, the 92mm micrscope weighs just 55g and is water-resistant. It suffers from just a four hour battery life, but can easily be charged via microUSB.

uPeek is actually now fully-funded on Kickstarter, but you can preorder it now through IndieGoGo from $145 plus shipping, which is cheaper than the $159 retail price and includes a free tablet spacer.


Mo-Mic is a new tool aimed at musicians and roadies that allows you to remotely control of your microphones from the mixing booth, making live performances and studio sessions hassle free.

Working across three axises, mo-mic can slide in direction with 360 degree rotation and 60 degree tilting, so you can move the microphones into the sweet spot you need to record the best sound. It’s also designed to be able to fit into small spaces so it doesn’t get in the way, but can also squeeze into awkward places like the inside of a kick drum.

However, the Mo-Mic doesn’t come cheap. If you want to get a complete Mo-Mic set you will have to pledge $1,356, though you can get a drum package (including four mo-mics, a control box and a Y-Slide for added maneuverability) for $760. Paying out $100 will get you system started, with one Mo-Mic head.

For a more in-depth look at the hottest new crowdfunded gizmos, pick up Gadget Magazine. For regular video updates on the Kickstarters and Indiegogos to get behind, subscribe to our YouTube channel.