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Top 5 apps for a Friday night out!

All iPhone owners are aware that the touch screen phone they own is the coolest gadget of all time, but other people often need some convincing. There’s no doubt been a time when someone has said to you “Yeah but can it send picture messages?” At which point you mumble “no” and start flicking through home screens looking for that all-encompassing app that will make their jaw drop to the floor in amazement, fall to their knees and start begging to have a go. So, we’ve decided that, as it’s Friday, we’ll give you a run down of the best apps to have on-call for when you’re out and about and may want to cement your place as the ‘cool’ member of the group…


iPint – Free

This may be old hat to a lot of you, but it’s still holding its own in the top 25 free apps on the App Store and never fails to impress people – especially when everyone’s had a few to drink. Not only can you and your mates pretend to guzzle a cold Carling, there’s also a cool little game included where you have to slide a beer down the bar using the accelerometer.

Rating: Crowd pleaser

Tap Tap Revenge – Free

Everyone’s heard of Guitar Hero and this is your chance to play it (well, sort of) on your iPhone. As tunes play you tap out a rhythm to score points. It’s great fun, highly addictive and yet another great example of other game formats working brilliantly on the iPhone. The free version comes loaded with a handful of tracks and you can then download more – there’s even a special Nine Inch Nails version and a Dance version. If you want to go the extra mile, hook your iPhone up to your stereo using a mini-jack lead when you get back from your night out and really rock the place out! Get it. Get it now!

Rating: Sing-a-long super app

Labyrinth Lite Edition – Free

This is the ultimate test for those people who’ve had one too many. Bring this app out to test those who claim to be able to hold their drink. The premise is simple: use the accelerometer to guide marbles across the wooden labyrinth avoiding the holes that sit between you and your goal. It’s quite tough at the best of times, so for those who’re feeling a tad tipsy it’s very hard! If you like this game you can then fork out £3.99 on the full app, which has a host of more difficult labyrinths to complete.

Rating: Awesome accelerometer app

Darts – Free

“Fancy a game of arrows?What better way to while away the time at the pub than with a good old game of darts – only don’t bother queuing for the dart board, just whip out your iPhone. This free game is brilliant. Use a flick of the finger to send those flighted beauties toward the bullseye or begin your six dart finish. You can play both 501 or 301 against a mate or against the DartBot. This is also a great way of bringing the pub to you, if you’re saving the pennies and having a few drinks at home.

Rating: Pub classic

Breathalizer – £0.59

Of course it’s not real, but your mates needn’t know that! Convice your tipsy buddies that this is the real deal and that they’re a total lightweight. You can select the simulated blood alcohol level and then get someone to blow into your iPhone’s microphone to begin the fake test. If you time it right this app will blow people’s minds – for a few minutes!

Rating: Fun fake app