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Top 10 iPhoto keyboard shortcuts

Send your productivity into overdrive with these great time-saving keyboard commands

iPhoto’s accessibility is one of its great strengths. Regardless of your creative ability or experience, you can jump into this excellent little app and begin improving your images in seconds. Just because it’s speedy and easy to use from the start, though, doesn’t mean you can’t make it faster and more efficient with the right shortcuts.
Like virtually all Apple apps, iPhoto features a number of very handy keyboard tricks that can help you navigate your way around the app and access its most important features. Here we’ll show you some of the key inputs that will help you import, edit and organise your images in double-quick time. Commit these shortcuts to memory and you’ll be able to whiz through your latest photos in no time, give them the iPhoto polish they need and give you more time to go out and take even more.

Top 10 shortcuts


1 Zooming

Pinch-zooming is easy enough, we guess, but if you don’t have a Trackpad or aren’t using a Magic Mouse then try tapping 1 to zoom 100 per cent and 2 for 200 per cent enlargement. To back out, all you need to do is hit Z or 0 to see the full image again.


2 Import and export

Before you begin working with your latest snaps in iPhoto, you’re going to need them actually loaded into the app. Nothing could be faster than holding Cmd+Shift+I to import selected images to the app. You can use Cmd+Shift+E to export from inside iPhoto.


3 Create new albums

Organising your photos is as important as editing them, so creating albums is a smart thing to do. Hit Cmd+Shift+N to create a new album and then name it. Alternatively, select a batch of images and tap Cmd+N to add them to a new album.


4 Select key photo

Since we’re looking at albums, you’ll also want to set a key photo so you can instantly recognise what images are in the album as you browse through iPhoto. Hover over an image either in thumbnail view or in the Album menu and tap the Spacebar to set a key photo.


5 Full Image

When browsing through the thumbnails of your latest photos, you’re going to want to take a closer look at them. To open an image you need only select it and hit the Spacebar to see it enlarged. To go back to your thumbnails, just hit the Spacebar again.


6 Show and hide

There’s a whole bunch of information about your photos you may want to show or hide at any moment. Titles can be revealed or hidden with Cmd+Shift+T, while hidden photos can be shown with Cmd+Shift+H. Ratings can also be seen with Cmd+Shift+R.


7 Rotate images

When importing images from a digital camera or your iPhone, you may find that the photo is not orientated the way you wanted. No problem for iPhoto, of course, as you can use Cmd+R to rotate clockwise or Cmd+Alt+R for anti-clockwise rotation.


8 Duplicate

One of the great things about iPhoto is its non-destructive editing, which means all the changes you make do not overwrite the original. Even so, you may prefer to work from a duplicate photo by pressing Cmd+D for later comparisons.


9 Deleting

You’ve imported your images to iPhoto and some of them don’t look as good as you might have hoped. Delete will move a photo to the trash while Cmd+Delete will get rid of an entire album, if things are that dire. Empty trash with Shift+Cmd+Delete.


10 Selecting

When you have a lot of images, selecting them for mass editing may be a smart move. After selecting one image, hold Shift before selecting another and all the images in between will also be highlighted. To add individually, just hold Command as you click.


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