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Top 10 iMovie trailer templates

The best ways to share your clips as slickly edited Hollywood-style movie trailers

Thanks to your ever-present iPhone, it’s very easy to generate lots of video content as you document day-to-day events. This creates the problem of managing and sharing hours of video material. Like Hollywood movie trailers, iMovie’s trailer templates enable you to produce a polished and pacey product that will entertain family and friends.

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iMovie’s trailer templates enable you to speed up the editing process because you can drag and drop clips onto the trailer’s storyboard and it will automatically edit their duration, add transitions, graphics and music. Storyboard suggestions for various shot compositions helps train novice editors to become au-fait with the language of movie editing. There’s always going to be something that suits the footage that you’ve captured. Here is a rundown of our ten favourite trailer templates…

Top 10: iMovie trailer templates


1 Documentary

Crisp clean white captions on black and a simple piano score make this a suitable trailer to document the highlights of an event such as a family day out. There’s some ‘tongue in cheek’ film festival award graphics peppered throughout the trailer too.


2 Coming of Age

This ‘rites of passage’ trailer is perfect for celebrating family milestones. The storyboard includes animated rostrum-style photo placeholders, so you can mix in some stills of your subject as a child (or a pup!) and compare them to clips from the present day.


3 Indie

This trailer’s quirky graphics and captions (plus an upbeat, jangly guitar score) mimic a quirky indie rom-com that evokes memories of ‘getting to know you’ travel movies. It’s perfect for showcasing a romantic holiday in Europe (or anywhere else for that matter).


4 Sports

The percussive score and short, sharp montage of dissolve transitions makes Sports the prefect trailer to showcase the highlights of any sporting event. It features animated, paparazzi-style flash effects that help add an air of celebrity to the subject.


5 Romance

This is a template that mixes chick flick with travelogue, so there’s something for both him and her. As with all the trailer templates, the text in the slick Hollywood-style graphics can be tailored to suit your source material. It has a lavish orchestral score.


6 Teen

This creative template is perfect for showcasing the antics of your adolescent offspring, or sharing shots in a way that they will enjoy. An upbeat guitar score is complemented by animated schoolbook-style sketches that you can customise with text.


7 Retro

The narrative of this movie trailer template will appeal to your children as it presents their antics as a trailer for a secret agent movie. The animated graphics and retro orchestral music score are designed to evoke a vintage movie from the 1960s.


8 Scary

Horror is one of the most popular movie subjects for first-time directors, and this topic makes a fun template. Captions flicker and jump while sinister blotches of ink spread out in the background. It also features short, sharp shots and atmospheric, edgy audio.


9 Fairy tale

This trailer caters for little girls who favour the role of a princess. The orchestral fairy tale movie score complements the animated storybook-style graphics and classic fairy tale font used on its cut-in text that mixes and wipes with footage of your subject.


10 Bollywood

This sunny and upbeat trailer is perfect for showcasing your overseas holiday highlights. The colourful animated titles evoke a Bollywood blockbuster, which helps lend your footage an exotic vibe. It’s perfect for sharing the antics of a group of friends.