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Tomb Raider for Mac Review: Brutal, beautiful and absolutely brilliant

The Tomb Raider series gets a brilliant reboot, breathing fresh life into Lara Croft’s adventures on Mac

Main 1

Minimum requirements • 2 GHz processor • OS X 10.9.1 • 4GB RAM with 512 MB VRAM • 14GB free space

We used • Mac Pro 12-core (late-2013) • Dual 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon E5 • Dell Ultra Sharp 4K monitor • Wired controller

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Available from… Mac App Store

Price £27.99/$39.99

Origin stories are very much in vogue right now, and a franchise with such an iconic central character was always going to be perfect for its own reboot. This Tomb Raider is all about how Lara Croft goes from young explorer to fearsome tomb raider, as she fights to survive on a mysterious island full of mercenaries and perilous terrain.

RedesignIn gameplay terms there is plenty to get engaged with. As with previous incarnations, this reboot is an exciting blend of puzzles, skill upgrade and action. There is huge emphasis on Lara’s progression into seasoned adventurer, and that is down to you salvaging materials to improve your tools and weapons, upgrading her capabilities as you progress. Tying in with the increasing amount of grave danger Lara finds herself in with each step forward, there is a great balance to the gameplay, which ensures you don’t want to stop playing.

Throughout the story there are artefacts to gather and parts to salvage, all to help Lara build up her own armoury and survival skills. In short, this game hands you control over how Lara Croft develops into the seasoned campaigner we all know she becomes. As origin stories go, this is compelling, and developer Feral has done a fine job of smoothly porting the game to Mac.

Tomb Raider supports a variety of gamepads and once you get into the heavier action this is a very good thing, because using the keyboard is cumbersome when you’re trying to dodge enemy fire and return it in one fluid motion. The action looks spectacular, and that can also be applied to the wider game; its mysterious island setting is stunning, and though it isn’t open world, the corridors and spaces you play within are large enough to give off the impression you can go almost anywhere.


As well as the Mac App Store, Tomb Raider is available on Steam, complete with SteamPlay for multiplayer, giving you and friends the chance to take each other on in a game of survival.

There is nothing about this game that should discourage you from playing it. The price is spot on – this game is very much worth the investment because of what it gives you in terms of story and range of gameplay. Tomb Raider has had new life breathed into it, and this looks and feels like the start of a very promising new era for the franchise.

Buy now?

Pros Gritty story and visually stunning throughout

Cons Requires 14GB of free space on your hard drive; a hefty amount