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Enlaps Tikee Takes Unlimited Timelapse Videos With Sun-Powered Camera

Done right, time-lapse video can look gorgeous and really rack up the YouTube views. The makers of Enlaps hope that you’ll ditch the time-lapse mode on your smartphone and invest in some serious kit for the job instead: the camera, now fully Kickstarted, is weatherproof, solar-powered and capable of functioning wirelessly, so you can leave it on a mountain ridge or beach and let it do its work.

There’s also a web app which lets you operate the camera wirelessly, browse and edit footage, and share it with other people. Tikee is the name given to the recording device itself, and Tikee Pro adds the option of a cellular connection so you can operate it away from Wi-Fi networks. It looks like a quality piece of kit and, considering only 518 backers have collectively pledged €185,203 in crowdfunding cash, it looks like there’s a market out there too.

The Enlaps team says it wants to tackle three of the main problems that have held back time-lapse photography so far: battery life (hence solar power), storage space (hence cloud connectivity) and processing power (hence an online app that does the heavy lifting).

Five more solar-powered gadgets

GoSun Sport


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Eton Rukus Extreme


This Bluetooth speaker only needs a bit of sunshine to pump out your tunes and charge your smartphone. £169|$176


BirkSun Backpack


Ideal for when you’re trekking through the woods far from a plug socket; you can charge your electronics on the go. £72|$100


Yolk Solar Paper


Claiming to be the world’s thinnest and lightest charger, Yolk’s solar panel can charge an iPhone in 2.5 hours. £36|$50


Skylock Bike Lock


There are lots of keyless smart locks for your bike, but Skylock is the only one that never runs out of power. £130|$179