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Thomas Was Alone review

Enjoy this award-winning, striking and unique platformer

Perhaps one of the most memorable and charming games on any platform, Thomas Was Alone began life as a Flash-based browser game back in 2010, before being released for desktop in 2012. How does the mobile version compare? While it looks like a slightly drab block game, this really doesn’t give an accurate representation of how the game plays, or what it’s all about. You control Thomas, a discarded red block AI who is slowly becoming aware of his surroundings and abilities. As the game progresses, you encounter other AIs who each have different abilities and clearly-defined personalities.

Thomas can jump, particularly well over distance, and he can fall well too, something that we learn in the introduction thanks to a Douglas Adams-esque narration, provided by comedian Danny Wallace.

Taking place within the mainframe where the AIs were stored, the aim of each level is for you to shepherd each AI to the exit, a portal where they will be transported to the next map. Often, negotiating these maps will require some co-operative play, which means switching between AIs to guide them in turn. This is done by tapping the relevant coloured block on its position around the edge of the display, while control of your AIs around the map is achieved by using your thumb to move and jump.

When you’re not chuckling at the narration, you’ll be furrowing your brow trying to find a way to the portal (often level maps reconfigure as you attempt to get around) or admiring the game’s soundtrack, a gentle electric guitar that seems perpetually on the edge of going into heavy thrash mode.

Unless gaming eye candy is an absolute must for you, Thomas Was Alone is a superb game.

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