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This Smokeless Campfire Stove Also Charges Your Phone

Telling stories around a campfire is an aged tradition, but how about doing it in 140 characters?

If you can’t bear to tear yourself away from Twitter while enjoying the great outdoors, or just want to keep your phone charged for emergencies, then the BioLite CampStove might be for you.

This portable stove can be used to cook meals and boil water, but it can also charge your phone by burning any kind of biomass, such as twigs, pinecones or wood pellets.

A fan – which can be set to high or low – circulates air into the fire for improved combustion and efficiency, resulting in a smokeless campfire.

The scalloped stand is where you put your pot or kettle. A triangular pot adaptor is also supplied to hold smaller pots – 95-120mm diameter – in place.

The honeycomb mesh cage around the exterior protects the CampStove and makes it cool to the touch, so you won’t get burnt fingers when handling it.

This standard USB port can output 2W of power to charge up a smartphone or other devices such as MP3 players, headlamps and LED lights.


How Does It Work?

The CampStove’s orange power pack is attached to a heat probe that captures waste heat from the fire. A thermoelectric generator then converts this into electricity to automatically recharge a lithium-ion starter battery – much like in a car, this kick-starts the fan when getting the fire going. Surplus electricity is diverted to the USB port to charge connected devices.

The BioLite CampingStove is available now for £110 from We Sell Electrical. If you’re interested in BioLite products, you might also want to back its new BaseLantern, which is a portable lamp that doubles as a generator for off-the-grid energy, on Kickstarter.

Biolite’s Full Camping Kit



It can’t charge tech like the CampStove can, but the CookStove is ideal for campers looking for an efficient wood-burning stove. It’ll provide up to 30 hours of cooking on a single charge of its USB-rechargeable airflow system.

£78.99 |



While you can use any pot or pan to cook on the CampStove, this dual-purpose piece of cookware works as a pot and pours like a kettle. It’ll save rucksack space and even doubles as a carry case for the CampStove.

£37.98 |


Portable Grill

Sitting directly on top of the CampStove’s burn chamber, the grill’s fuel intake lid allows you to feed the fire during cooking. The grill features three temperature zones and will accommodate up to four burgers or six hot dogs.

£44.68 |

This story originally appeared as part of Gadget issue 7’s ‘Camping Gear To Go Off The Grid’ feature. To buy the latest issue of Gadget, order it from Imagine Shop or download the digital edition.