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The Walking Dead: Season One for Android review

We review The Walking Dead: Season One for Android, a game based on the popular TV and comic book series

Based on the comic book and TV show of the same name The Walking Dead pits you right into the middle of the zombie apocalypse. You play as Lee Everett, a man with a chequered past who finds himself looking after a small girl, as he seeks to find somewhere safe from the undead.

You don’t get much control over his actions – the occasional quick-time event apart this isn’t a zombie killing game – and though you get to choose how he reacts to every situation you cannot even change the outcome of the story. Unlike a choose your own adventure game there are no multiple outcomes to discover, and every key event will happen no matter which option you choose.

If that makes The Walking Dead seem like a passive experience, it really isn’t. Each interaction you are faced with enables you to shape Lee’s character and his – and by extension, your – relationship with the other characters. It becomes highly involving and is nuanced enough to even feel like a different game on a second play.

Season One consists of five episodes, plus a bonus episode. The first is free and the others available through in-app purchases at £3 each or £9 for the lot. If you get to the end of Episode One then chances are you’ll want to proceed, and it’s worth getting the set. The story only gets more shocking and gripping as it progresses, resulting in a climax to Episdoe Five that is as powerful as anything we’ve seen in a video game.