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The Top 5 Free Election Apps

The day big day has arrived, so what better way to show your allegiance and keep track of the election than by using your iPhone? Apps have sprung up all over the App Store promoting both McCain and Obama as well as a selection of news trackers, poll counters and more.

As with most genres of iPhone App, quality varies drastically so we’ve put together a list of the best free apps so you wont have to worry about wasting your cash.Perhaps today’s result will eventually mean you don’t have to worry about cash quite so much…

1. Obama ’08

If John McCain had an iPhone app for his campaign, it would be up here. But he hasn’t, so it isn’t. For a free app, the Obama ’08 is a polished, interactive application providing the latest news, media and methods to get involved.

2. Obama/McCain Poll Tracker

Simple yet effective, this app shows the current percentage standing of the two candidates using information from a variety of media outlets including ABC, Fox and Ipsos.


Get minute-by-minute updates on the polls, state-by-state and take advantage of the Red State/Blue State map button to receive realtime updates on the election as it happens.

4. Obama/McCain Inaguration Countdown

Two free apps, both doing the same job. See photos and quotes from your choice for the next man in the White House as well as a count down to their “potential” inauguration.

5. iRepublican/iDemocrat

The iPhone equivalent of a pin badge. A logo and an image of your chosen party to digitally display your party colours for all (or at least all who look at your iPhone) to see.