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The Secret To Cooking The Perfect Sous Vide Steak

Sous vide is the latest revolution in cooking. Meaning ‘under vacuum’ in French, this method of cooking yields results unattainable via any other traditional means of preparation. Think about cooking seafood or delicate meats, the window for getting the meat perfectly cooked on the inside whilst perfecting the outside texture is small, not just in terms of cooking time, but also in temperature.

The main positive of cooking sous vide, despite its eponymous relation to cooking in a vacuum, is actually the ability to maintain accurate temperature control over hours or even days! This direct control pays off in a slew of ways: as a chef, you’re freed from the need to constantly keep yourself on a timer, letting you focus on other aspects of a dish whilst the meat sits in a vacuum. You’re also able to cook the meat through with a consistent and even finish, no more burnt edges or cold centres here. A sealed bag cooked in boiling water also braises the meat as it cooks, meaning that any meat you cook this way inevitably ends up juicier and more tender than the same cut cooked in an oven or on a grill.

What do you need for cooking the perfect steak?

FoodSaver FFS002

You’ll need a product similar to this in order to seal your food in polyethylene before it can be submerged – vacuum sealing is essential for the food to be effectively cooked.
£75 | $113 |

IP DSC_7738 Food saver

Burton Sous Vide Water Bath Starter Kit

A starter kit that introduces you to everything you need to know, this machine enables you to cook multiple dishes at once – ideal for personal and commercial use alike.
£349 | $526 |

IP DSC_7747 Burton sous vide

Sansaire Sous Vide

You can always go with the skinnier, smaller and portable sous vide by Sansaire (this is the machine that prepared all the pictures in the Perfect steak boxout). You can fit it in any deep dish you want and turn even a crock pot into a sous vide!
£250 | $199 |

Sansaire in Glass Pot