The Samsung Gear VR will be going on sale for $199

Samsung has let slip on the price of their Gear VR headset.

Although the world was expecting the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 last week, not many could have predicted the unveiling on Samsung’s foray into virtual reality. The Gear VR stems from a partnership with virtual reality kings, Oculus, and offers a way for millions of people to experience the delights of 3D virtual reality. Apart from a handful of demos showcasing some of the tech involved behind it, Samsung was remarkably quiet on releasing any solid details behind it.

However, in a recent interview, a Samsung rep has spilled the beans on the price of the Gear VR. At $199, the Gear VR won’t be overly expensive, but it does require a Galaxy Note 4 to work. We expect the Note 4 to be a very expensive device, so this could end up being a costly package.

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