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9 most weird and wonderful Google Deep Dream images

Google's Artificial Neural Network Deep Dream has been creating some of the trippiest images ever.

Google is always trying to learn more about the world around it. To help the search engine giant do so, engineers are developing the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that attempts to make sense of the world around it. This is the framework on which Google Now on Tap is being built.

Engineers show it thousands of images to try and get it to learn, for example, what a chair looks like. In time the network should realise that an object with four legs, a horizontal surface and a vertical surface is probably a chair and therefore searches should prove more intuitive.

To test how the ANN is progressing, Google’s engineers have been getting it to draw images and the results have been trippy to say the least. The ANN has been seeing dog faces, eyes and slugs in places where there are none, simply because there are shapes that it vaguely recognises. It has also been adding arms into pictures of dumbbells because the images of dumbbells it sees usually include arms. It’s sweet but ever so slightly scary.

Google has named it Deep Dream and opened up the code to developers who have been playing around with it, creating some weird and wonderful images. Here are some of the best. We wouldn’t recommend reading this just before bed, unless you want Salvador Dali to be artistic director of your dreams tonight.

S-pug-hetti bolognese, anyone?





Devine Lu Linvega spots a rare sighting of the Dog Slug Galaxy






Looks like Deep Dream has already evolved to creating political satire.





As if Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t visually crazy enough…






Oh dear, it’s also seeing demonic visions now.





When cartography goes bad…






Deep Dream turns poppies into puppies





Making the surreal even less real






We’re really, really hoping this is Deep Dream and not a terrifying, real-life superbird







And finally… 

If you’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you’ll already know it’s a pretty messed up film. Well, wait till you see this clip from the movie, recreated through a series of Deep Dream stills.

Roelof Pieters