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The most downloaded Android apps EVER!

Check out the most downloaded apps from the Google Play store. How many of them do you actively use?


Gmail | Price: Free

Google’s email service was the very first app to top one billion downloads. It achieved this feat back in May 2014, nearly a month ahead of its closest rival. It looks slick, is easily navigated on mobile and is a huge bonus to those with Gmail on their desktop.


Google Maps | Price: Free

The second app to reach the one billion download milestone was Google Maps. The navigation app has made getting from A to B much easier as it provides routes and instructions directly on your mobile that continually update as you progress.


YouTube | Price: Free

YouTube’s success is very impressive considering that once upon a time it didn’t always come pre-installed on our Android phones like many Google apps did. The biggest video-sharing site in the world hit one billion downloads in July 2014.


Facebook | Price: Free

The first non-Google app on the billion download list is the world’s biggest social media website. It was the fourth to hit that mark and has also since seen its dedicated messenger app cross the same billion-download threshold.


WhatsApp | Price: Free + IAPs

WhatsApp was already an extremely successful messaging app before Facebook snapped it up for $19bn (£12.4bn) in February 2014. Just over a year later it joined the billion-download club, despite being the first app on the list to charge.


Google Play Movies & TV | Price: Free

The most recent app on the list to have over one billion downloads is Google Play Movies & TV. This app enables you to download films and television shows directly from the Google Play store to watch on your Android mobile.