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The iPad Book Vol. 2 and iPhone For Beginners On Sale Today!

Two Bookazines from Imagine Publishing hit the shelves today, and they might just be of interest to iPhone and iPad users...

Today, two bookazines from Imagine Publishing go on sale in newsagents and supermarkets nationwide, as well as on the Imagine eShop. They’re right up our street, too, as there both based on iOS devices. Read on for Press Releases and a little information on both.

The iPhone is the device that changed the world of mobile phones. No longer were they just a way of making calls or sending texts, now they could be a games console, a task manager, a multimedia player or anything you really want it to be. And as Apple has updated the device, it’s just got better and better. But if you’re new to the world of iOS, or you’re not familiar with everything your handset has to offer, iPhone for Beginners is the perfect guide to help you learn about your device. From syncing and setting up to essential apps and FAQs, everything you need to know about your iPhone is included within these 180 pages. Buy it here or head down to your local supermarket or newsagent.

Everything you need to know to get started with your iPhone

Get started
– Learn your way around the iPhone and see what it has to offer.

Step-by-step tutorials
– A wealth of guides to help you use your iPhone.

100 essential apps
– The best apps from every section of the App Store covered.

– A comprehensive guide covering all the common iPhone FAQs.

Also inside…
– How to install iTunes
– An overview of the iTunes interface
– Activate & register your iPhone
– Sync email, contacts and bookmarks
– Sync your music collection
– Sync movies onto your iPhone
– Copy TV shows to your iPhone
– Sync podcasts onto your iPhone
– Learn how to sync books
– Sync photos on your iPhone
– Introduction to Settings
– How to set up Wi-Fi
– How to set up 3G
– Learn to access email
– Change the Wallpaper
– Call a person from your contacts
– Dial a call using the keypad
– Set up call waiting
– Using Voice Control
– Muting your calls
– Expanding your keypad
– Using your speaker
– Making a new call
– Holding your calls
– Your contact book
– Make a call from a website
– Set a passcode
– Speed up text entry on your iPhone
– Managing your iPhone messages
– Moving icons and using folders
– Work with multiple pages in Safari
– Get the most from bookmarks on the iPhone
– Hardware Getting started
– Get to know your iPhone
– Your first look at the iPhone and how to use it
– Change the search engine
– Organising emails
– How to work with attachments
– Set the default C alendar
– Add an Event in your Calendar
– Add a contact
– Create, send and receive contacts
– Use Notes on iPhone
– Save a bookmark in Maps
– Get directions using Maps
– Send and receive locations with Maps
– Access video content via the YouTube app
– Get the most out of iPhone videos
– Create a song playlist using the iPod app
– Get the most from iTunes
– Use iTunes to download music to your iPhone
– Create and save Genius playlists on your iPhone
– Use iTunes to get movies and TV shows
– Use the App Store on your iPhone
– Download iBooks from the App Store
– Purchase an eBook
– Learn your way around iBooks
– Creating bookmarks in the iBooks app
– Learn your way around FaceTime
– Taking your first picture
– HDR photography on your iPhone
– Get to grips with the Photos app
– Print from the Photos app
– Record HD video
– Shoot and share your videos
– Getting started with iMovie for iPhone
– Download and read eBooks using Kindle
– Get started with Twitter
– Using the Facebook app on the iPhone

With in-depth tutorials and expert advice, from getting started to opening up your iPad up to a wealth of new functionality, The iPad Book Vol. 2 tells you everything you need to know to master your device. Buy it here or head down to your local supermarket or newsagent

The ultimate guide to getting the most from your iPad & iPad 2

Getting started
– Your ultimate guide to the iPad’s default apps, from Mail, to Safari, Maps, FaceTime and more.

– These in-depth tutorials open up your iPad to apps that will enhance your day-to-day life. From photography to social networking, the iPad does it all.

– Get organised and manage multiple tasks with the help of our tutorials on using the iPad for your daily tasks.

– Turn your iPad into the ultimate multimedia device with our comprehensive guides.

Essential apps
– You no longer need to wade aimlessly through the App Store, as we present you with the apps you simple have to own.

Also inside…
Getting started
– Understanding Settings
– Introducing iTunes
– The App Store guide
– Exploring Safari
– Mail on the iPad
– Understanding the Calendar
– Introducing Contacts
– Using the Notes app
– Make the most of Maps
– Get to know FaceTime
– Using the iPod app
– Introducing the Camera
– Explore the Photos app
– Get to know the Photo Booth app
– Introducing Videos
– Using YouTube
– Playing with Game Center
– Reading with iBooks

– Make calls using FaceTime
– Take photos and videos with the Camera
– Take photos with Photo Booth
– Use creative effects in Photo Booth
– Correct images in Photogene
– Turn your iPad into a photo frame
– Create a slideshow on the iPad
– Sketch creative ideas on your iPad
– Get to know the Facebook app
– Tweet from your iPad with Twitter
– Create a blog in the WordPress app

– Move around apps with the multitasking feature
– Managing emails
– Using email attachments in Mail
– Syncing Notes with your Mac
– Getting to know Pages
– Perform professional presentations using the Keynote app
– Use Numbers to create spreadsheets
– Transfer files using Dropbox
– Use AirPrint to print files
– Make a wireless hard drive out of your iPad with AirSharing HD
– Control a computer with your iPad
– Take down voice notes on your iPad

– Use Kindle to read eBooks
– Using the iPod’s advanced controls
– Create Genius playlists on the iPad
– Set up a Ping account
– Watch videos using Home Sharing
– Use Apple’s Remote to control iTunes
– Stream audio and video
– Set up a Games Center account
– Utilise settings in GarageBand to record a track
– Edit your GarageBand projects
– Use the GarageBand guitar
– Master the GarageBand piano
– Bang the drum in GarageBand
– Create a movie on the iPad 2 with iMovie
– Master precision editing in iMovie
– Use transitions in your iMovie projects

Essential Apps
– Adobe Photoshop Express
– Photo Delight
– Animation Creator HD
– AppShopper, Cocktails HD
– Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips
– Good Food Magazine (for iPad)
– Boxcar
– Engadget for iPad, Go Run Magazine
– OMGuitar Advanced Synth Guitar
– Reactable Mobile
– LoopJTM Interactive DJ Station
– SciFiNow, Tap TV
– Doctor Who: The Mazes Of Time
– Pictureka! for iPad
– BluePrint Sketch, Tap Forms HD – database for iPad
– OmniGraph Sketcher
– Cloud Connect Pro
– Ultimate Browser
– Air Display
– GeoBoard, Wealth Manager