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The iMac G3: 15 years on from of Apple’s first ever iMac

With Apple's first ever iMac, the iMac G3, launched 15 years ago last Thursday, we take a look at the Mac that was credited with changed the company's fortunes.

iMac - Close up

iMac - Front shot

iMac G3 1998 (Bondi Blue, Revision A)

Original price: £699/$1299 • Price now: £100/$150
• 15” CRT display • 233 MHz PowerPC G3 processor • 4GB hard drive • 32MB RAM • Mac OS 8.1 or 8.5

It’s been 15 years since Apple released the iMac G3. Widely credited with catalysing Apple’s return to form, the first machine to be designed by Apple’s now Senior VP of Design, Jony Ive, the Bondi Blue iMac was a monumental invention. Superseding the All-In-One Power Macintosh G3, the iMac G3 saw Apple drop its beige shells in favour of striking translucent plastic and a shape that cemented its position as a serious alternative to Windows PCs. It also saw Apple move forward and ditch the floppy disk drive, setting a precedent that saw optical drives absent from the new, super- thin iMacs 15 years later.

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