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The Headphones That Turn Your Bones Into Ears

These headphones blast the music straight into your skull

The concept of bone-conducting headphones isn’t exactly a new one, but they’re still considered something of an oddity when it comes to consumer products – maybe because the idea itself is so weird.IP Aftershocks on model copy

Primarily used in hearing aids until relatively recently, the technology works by vibrating your cranial bones to transmit sound directly to your inner ear, which seems strange, but works a treat when applied to headphones.

The technology manufacturer AfterShokz has been honing its bone-conducting headwear for a while now and the American company is aiming to take these new cheekbone-rattling headphones into the mainstream with the Bluez 2S.

PR Aftershokz Lifestyle1 copy

Of course, the main bonus of having headphones that bypass your ears is that there’s nothing sitting in your ear canals to block out your situational hearing. And while this means that the Bluez 2S aren’t ideal if you want to cancel out background noise and disappear for awhile to concentrate solely on your audio, it does make them ideal for runners and other fitness junkies who need to maintain an awareness of their surroundings while also listening to some tunes.

Throw in a very attractive all-black design and an extremely comfortable build, and you’ve got a winning combination of both style and good functionality


Product Info:

£90 | $100

The AfterShokz Bluez 2S is an upgraded version of AfterShokz’s set of wireless headphones that work by transmitting sound through your bones, leaving your ears unblocked.


The Features:

PR Aftershokz Lifestyle2 copy

Noise-cancelling microphones

A pair of noise-cancelling microphones help eliminate background chatter, though by the very nature of not having your ears unblocked, a fair amount of sound is still going to get through

Sweat-resistant build

The Bluez 2S have an IP55-rated level of sweat resistance. You shouldn’t take them swimming or anything, but they’ll comfortably handle any rain or perspiration you throw at them

Multipurpose button

AfterShokz’s headphones feature a neat button for pausing and playing music, as well as accepting and hanging up on calls, so you needn’t keep fumbling around for your phone

Bone-shaking transmitters

Sound is transmitted from small conductive pads, vibrating your cheekbones and then the inner ear itself. It can get juddery if you’re dealing with a lot of bass, but otherwise it feels totally normal

Bluetooth connection

If you want to hear anything through these headphones then you’ll have to pair them with a music-playing device of your choice over Bluetooth. Thankfully it’s quite quick and painless to do