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The five Apple Watch apps you need to download today

Just got your hands on a new Apple Watch? Here are five apps that you need to get downloading now

Just A Score – Price: Free

Just A Score is a brand new app from Imagine Publishing that lets you score anything. And we mean, literally anything. It’s fun, addictive and built especially for Apple Watch. You log in to the app through Facebook or Twitter on your iPhone and then it’s up to you what you score. Search for your favourite magazine and rate it out of ten, rate your holiday, a politician, a film – the list is completely endless. You’ll be scoring serious stuff as well as a lot of fun things too. You get to follow your friends and share your scores on all the popular social networks. There’s also a Trending section that lets you see what is currently popular with other users. That Trending section is one of the two menus available to Apple Watch users; the other is an Activity log that displays what you and your followers are scoring.

Instagram – Price: Free

One of the leading apps that Apple has banked its Watch on is Instagram. The photo- sharing behemoth has brought a lot of its functionality across to the Apple Watch and has made use of some of the coolest features that the watch has to offer. First and foremost, the app provides a basis for you to browse your Instagram feed, as well as interact with your favourite photos you come across. There’s full emoji support when you want to leave comments and you can also reply to messages that are sent to you. If you’ve got a vast image library of your own stored within the app, the app provides notifications for you to stay connected and respond to any comments left by friends. It’s by far one of the most feature-filled Apple Watch apps and one that should be at the top of your download queue.

TripAdvisor – Price: Free

No matter if you’re travelling abroad, or simply popping out for a bite to eat in your local area, TripAdvisor is the best place to find real user reviews. Using the Apple Watch app, you can scroll through all the reviews and sort through them by selecting the ones with a specific star rating. Depending on the location you want reviews on, you’ll find a selection of press and tourist photos for you to also look through and get a glimpse of exactly what’s in store for you when you visit. One of the very best aspects about the TripAdvisor app is that if you’ve been to one of the places in question, you’ll be able to publish your own review through the app for others to take a look at. This is especially useful if you’re a seasoned TripAdvisor reviewer, as you’ll be able to easily add your own review to your account, as well as manage them all straight from your wrist.

Wunderlist – Price: Free

There are tons of organisational apps available on the App Store, but none offer the sheer amount of features that you get with Wunderlist. Although many of them have carried over from the iPhone app, the new features that have been exclusively added for the Apple Watch are great. There’s a new Home View, which acts as a hub for all of your to-do and Smart Lists. Plus, if you need to find a specific list, it’s simply a case of using the Digital Crown to scroll down. To stay connected with the app, there’s a series of notifications that can be set up and arranged, and as with most Apple Watch apps, the level at which you’re notified can be customised.

Rules! – £2.29/$2.99

One way to get rid of those early morning woes is to give your brain a quick workout. Rules! looks to do just that, by leading you through a series of ten mind exercises all on your wrist on a daily basis. Once complete, the app provides detailed statistics of how you got on and the areas in which you can look to improve. Complete the daily tasks and you’ll find you end up with a much sharper brain.