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Is Dremel’s Ideal Builder The Idiot-Proof 3D We’ve All Been Waiting For?

3D printing has never been as easy as this

Want to 3D print your dreams? The Dremel Idea Builder comes preassembled for making almost anything you can think of! Dremel’s printer uses 1.75 millimetre PLA (polylactic) plastic filament only to print your creations, which is slightly more expensive but also safer than ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. The Idea Builder will need this filament fit in place first before you get going – it sounds a bit fiddly, but there are plenty of instructional materials easily available.

IP DSC_7037

And, if you combine it with the supplied SD card, you can start printing instantly on the machine itself – so there’s no need to worry about linking it up to a computer. You can’t change the scale of these provided models, though, so you’ll need to download models from the Dremel website or places like and if you want more customisation.

That said, a micron resolution of 100 (0.1mm), means that prints from the Idea Builder come out at a great quality. Plus, the learning curve for every single process from start to finish is super easy for hobbyists and those who want to 3D print at home. Now you can 3D print that to-scale spaceship diorama with just a few button presses!

Scan and print with HP Sprout

HP Sprout is an all-in-one computer that uses powerful 3D scanning technology to make your objects into manipulatable 3D files ready for printing. The Sprout’s Illuminator uses Intel 3D RealSense, additional cameras and sensors to make lifelike models that are fully editable.

PA HP Sprout 3D copying

And if that’s still not enough precision for you, the 3D Capture stage is a device that enables 360-degree scans with a 15-degree tilt to ensure your object is scanned perfectly. You can also scale, rotate, repair, merge models and more by combining the scan with Microsoft 3D Builder. When you’re happy with the edits, take your models to Dremel’s Idea Builder and watch your digital creations being made a reality.

 Start printing in seconds

Dremel’s website is regularly updated with new models for you to download to your machine and get printing instantly. Each model on the website has an estimated print-time, ranging from simple 45-minute phone holders to a full-on crane that takes a whopping 77 hours to 3D print.

SS Mustache Phone Holder   Dremel 3D Printer

After you’ve chosen your project press Download, go into your Dremel 3D software, press Load, select your downloaded 3D model file, press Build and click OK for default settings, and press Build when the orange dialogue box comes up.