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The 10 Most Curious (And Successful) Kickstarter Instruments

Kickstarter might be popular for videogame makers and tech startups to earn their stripes, but it’s also a fantastic place for musicians to show off their inventions, too – here are the top 10 musical curios to emerge victorious out of the crowd-funding scene


01. Arpeggio


A portable arpeggiator, sequencer and synthesiser in one, giving you the power to easily create, save and perform melodies.

£130 | $200 |


02. Roli Seaboard Rise


Rise offers advanced sound spectrums, intuitive touch interaction, gesture control, sensitivity and more.

£520 | $800 |


03. Minim


Thought it’s only the size of an iPhone 6s Plus, Minim can control all kinds of musical software.

£84 | $130 | projects/minim#/


04. Mogees


Mogees enables you to turn anything into a musical instrument. It converts vibrations from objects and surfaces into tunes via an app.

£40 | $61 |


05. Clever Fox Tremolo Pedal


A tremolo guitar pedal that adds vintage sounds to your instrument. It’s designed to be as simple as possible.

£65 | $100 |




The ACPAD claims to be the world’s first wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitars, sitting right on top of your instrument.

£156 | $240 |


07. OWOW instruments


OWOW instruments are designed so that anyone can get creative with music, whether they can play a traditional instrument or not.

£35 | $54 |


08. Artiphon Instrument 1


It looks like a cut-down guitar, but it’s actually a digital device that can be a number of different instruments.

£292 | $449 |


09. AUUG Motion Synth


The AUUG Motion Synth sits on top of your iPhone or iPod touch and turns it into a motion-sensitive synthesiser.

£97 | $149 |


10. Pianu


Offering “the fun of Guitar Hero combined with a real musical instrument”, it is ideal for beginners.

£25.99 | $39.95 |