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The 10 Best Kickstarter Camera Gadgets

There are a lot of interesting camera gadgets out there, but right now, most of the real innovation is being driven by the start-ups and inventors of Kickstarter – crowd-funding just seems to be the most popular place for fresh, new ideas to surface.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best camera accessories and gadgets to have graced Kickstarter for your convenience.


  1. Campanion
    With an adhesive plate, two mounts and a lens cap, this Campanion kit securely fixes your GoPro to your smartphone.

    £23 | $35 |


  2. E1 Camera


    The world’s smallest 4K ultra-high definition camera, the E1 has interchangeable lenses and captures 4,096 by 2,160 video.

    £460 | $700 |


  3. Pakpod
    PakPodExtendedInvert_47335 copy

    This sturdy and flexible adventure tripod weighs 450g – great for carrying around with you when you need a stable shot.

    £70 | $100 |


  4. MOTA Wireless Charger for GoPro

    Mota copy

    Being able to charge a GoPro without physically replacing the batteries lets you get on with filming.

    £92 | $140 |


  5. SolidLUUV

    solidLUUV_Smartphone copy

    Designed to eliminate shaky video shots, this adaptable, flexible grip stabiliser has a three-axis gimbal and can also be used with one hand.

    £150 | $240 |


  6. Sphericam 2

    As huge companies like Oculus Rift and Samsung work furiously to create the best virtual reality viewing platform, Sphericam has been created to fill a growing market void of actually creating that virtual reality content. (PRNewsFoto/Sphericam)

    This gorgeous yet expensive camera lets you record videos in 360 degrees for perfect playback on a virtual reality headset.

    £1,300 | $2,000 |


  7. Orbit Pole

    Orbitpole copy

    The Orbit Pole is a handheld accessory for action cams. It gives you 360-degree control and is a perfect alternative to a selfie stick.

    £70 | $90 |


  8. Waylens

    camera-hero-FL-02-vader-DO copy

    As well as selecting interesting snippets of video as you drive, this camera overlays real-time performance data to the HD footage.

    £320 | $500 |


  9. Pulse

    PulseBlink copy

    Pulse lets you plug your phone into your camera via the USB port and remotely control it from the touchscreen. It’s ideal for snappers.

    £50 | $74 |

  10. Gnarbox

    Gnarbox copy

    Plug the Gnarbox into your camera (or insert an SD or microSD card) and make backups. Organise, edit and share your photos via an app.

    £130 | $200 |