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“Tell tale” Leopard accepts no blame

 I’ve been entertained, since upgrading to Leopard from Mac OS X Tiger, to see that Apple’s latest OS genuinely believes it can do no wrong. 

Remember when there used to be a standard “The Application XXX Unexpectdly Quit” message? No more. Leopard now apportions blame to plugins and applications that may have caused such a crash. Heaven forbid anyone would suggest that an OS X app crashed on its own.  
Take a look at this:  


This happened while I was trying to watch some WMV streams of Gordon Ramsay berating hapless chefs online.  It wasn’t Safari that caused the problem, no, no, no. It’s that pesky Flip4Mac plugin (a plugin that, if anything, adds functionality and compatibility to Mac OS X). 

I love Macs, I love the Mac OS X operating system and I love Apple. I’m quite happy to tout how great they all are and I’ll argue their corner whenever I can. What I don’t need is the software trying to do the job for me. 

We all make mistakes, sometimes it’s best to simply admit them.