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Tease Your Cat With This Laser-Guided Camera And It Internet Famous

New camera lets you play with your favourite feline remotely and crowdsource pet care from other users

Our pets are valued family members and we all like to make sure they’re well looked after at all times, even when we can’t be there ourselves. The Petcube essentially fills the void left when you’re not there, adding a virtual presence that can potentially help reassure your cat or dog that they are not alone.

Basically a Wi-Fi-connected camera, users can watch a live feed of their pet on the go through a free companion app for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. The Petcube has a 138° wide-angle lens to make sure you can always see your pet.

However, the Petcube also has a few other tricks built in to justify its £200/$200 price tag. The standout feature is a5mW 3R-class laser point, so you can remotely play with your pet. The camera also has a built-in microphone and speaker,so you can also talk it – though we would be impressed if talks back. Live audio is transmitted and kept in sync with the video feed, so you can see when your pet wants to make contact.

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There are people who out there who absolutely adore pets – even other peoples’ pets. So the fact that Petcube makes it easy to tune into a live feed of other people’s pets all over the world is going to be a big plus. Through the companion app, you can watch other users’ live Petcube feeds, or give permission for others to view your animal. As well as watching a livestream, your new internet audience can use the laser feature to play with your pet and take photos of it.

The app also has a plethora of social media features, where you can follow your favourite celebrity pets, share your own photos and curate a library of the cutest pets around. What really warmed our hearts is the connection with certain dog and cat shelters, where you interact with and show some love to the pets that currently don’t have a home. Just don’t blame us if you fall in love with one and decide to adopt it.

This article first appeared in Gadget issue 10. Buy the latest issue of Gadget here or download the digital edition.