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Take amazing snaps on your iPhone with the ProCamera 3.3 app

Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how this iPhone app succeeds in delivering both mainstream camera functionality & fun creativity in one neat package

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - sidebar
iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Main
This iPhone app describes itself as state of the art.
It still has a long way to go in beating mainstream devices, but what we can say is that this app does make the best of what it has got to offer. ProCamera 3.3 is certainly intuitive and fast when applying its set of photo-editing controls. Capturing, tweaking and sharing photos is definitely far more advantageous when using these.

The most notable upgrades from the standard built-in camera interface are varied. Users can now extend photo-zooming capabilities with a 6x zoom that is impressive and the Anti-Shake feature works like a dream, combining to offer far more detailed shots. The Self-Timer is also great when you want to compose yourself and peers for captures. It’s these simple yet essential additions that make the whole photo-taking scenario on iPhone more reliable and far more authentic.

Getting creative with your snaps is also assured with the entertaining Pro Lab, Pro Cut and Pro FX commands. Here you can take advantage of crop presets, exposure settings and special photo styles that all add flair to your images.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step-By-Step

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step1

Step 1: Standard user interface

Open the app to take your snap. In the bottom corners are your zoom controls, displaying the percentages you’re zooming in increments of two.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step 2

Step 2: Frame options

Pressing the triangle option lets you see your framing options. You can also activate Anti-Shake, the Self-Timer and Expert Mode.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step 3

Step 3: Pro editing

Again, pressing the triangle icon, select Pro Lab. Contrast and saturation are standard but effective, brightness is a bit wayward, but flash is very good.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step 4

Step 4: Pro Cut

Fix crooked pictures with the degree slider, applying predefined aspect ratios including 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, the Golden-Ratio, or by customising your own.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step5

Step 5: Pro FX

Four filter categories exist – Color, Vintage, Special and Retouch. The Color types, as well as Fix Yellow and Fix Blue, will correct pesky colour casts.

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Step 6

Step 6: Sharing

The bottom-left Polaroid icon lets you share through email and social platforms. Here users can set default folders to upload to Facebook and Flickr.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iPhone Tutorial - Pro Camera 3.3 - Annotated