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Take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s pop-up play feature

Watch a movie and browse your phone at the same time by using the SIII's pop-up play feature.

Many people watch movies on their Samsung devices, and with the rise of popular movie rental services, such as Netflix, being openly available to most users, it’s a great time to start watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters on your device. On top of the services that are available to Samsung, and other Android users, their are also plenty of third party video player apps available for download, be it from the Play Store or Samsung App Store. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be using the default video player pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The pop-up play feature is something entirely new to Android devices. It involves you being able to browse your phone while having a small window on the top right of your window being filled with a movie of your choice playing at the same time. Due to the power of the SIII you won’t find your device struggling to maintain both tasks, and in fact it works as a great way of multitasking on your device.

In this tutorial we’ll take you through the pop-up play feature; including how to initially set it up and selecting a video to play. We’ll also show you how it can be used as a shortcut to your other movies, and how you can remove the window from your homescreen when you’re done with it.

  1. Enter your gallery

    Open up your app drawer and scroll through your pages until you reach your Galley app. Press on the icon to open it up.

  2. Select a video

    From your Gallery screen you need to select the video category, usually at the bottom of the page. Press play on the video you want to use.

  3. Select pop-up icon

    Hover your finger on the bottom of the screen while the movie is playing. Press on the icon in the bottom right of the screen to start the pop-up play feature.

  4. Check panel

    The video will now momentarily stop, and you should see a panel appear in the top right of the app. This will now automatically your selected movie.

  5. Quick shortcut

    While you’re browsing on your phone, you can gain quick access to a full screen of the movie by pressing on the panel in the top right corner.

  6. Remove pop-up play

    If you want to remove the panel from your screen, simply long press on it until a small red bar appears. Press on the red bar to remove the panel.