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SUSECon 2013 – post-con thoughts

We're back from our brief visit to SUSECon 2013, where SUSE and its partners showed that open source is the way forward for business and computing

susecon suse opensuse

It’s the final day of SUSECon 2013, and in just over an hour the closing ceremony will commence. It’s been a great convention, one which we only got to experience a small part of, however it was long enough to get a better sense of what SUSE is all about.

The convention ends today, but the openSUSE Summit starts tomorrow
The convention ends today, but the openSUSE Summit starts tomorrow

Some of the announcements made over the con in some way represent the major themes we talked about with the guys from SUSE. The Solid Driver program, a way to certify drivers and modules to help out their customers. The Microsoft Manager plug-in, proving that SUSE works with their partners to create a better landscape. A new distributed storage solution coming next year, allowing them to make more use out of their recent SUSE Cloud products.

These topics of cloud, partnerships and enterprise were joined by their love of the wider community. As SUSECon ends today, the openSUSE Summit begins tomorrow, funded by SUSE themselves and sharing the same event space. Each part is integral to the business of SUSE, which is profitable, and they’ve managed to get them to work together without compromises.

Look out for more reports and interviews from the convention over the coming month, both on the website and in the magazine.