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Stylise images with the Grain effect in Photos on Mac

Give your photos a stylistic, retro look with the Grain control in Photos for Mac

 It seems a little strange that in an age where cameras offer tens of millions of pixels, advanced sensors and incredible lenses, we often see photographs trying to recreate a ‘vintage’ look.

But there’s a reason for this – old photos, while they may have been taken with now-outdated hardware, can be truly beautiful. It’s that sense of nostalgia that we all want to recreate, to capture that moment of beauty snapped with a camera that would now be described as ‘retro’.

An effect that really screams ‘old school’ is grain; when old cameras struggled to capture light efficiently it could cause the photo to fill with ‘noise’, or a grain. Sometimes a photo looks great with a bit of this noise – and you can add it Photos. Here’s how.

1 Choose your photo
Picking the right shot for the grain effect is essential – to make it effective you want a contrast of light and dark areas. Pick a subject that is classically ‘retro’ as a starting point.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 1

2 Access editing options
Open your image up in Photos and click the Edit button in the top right. You’ll see your options down the right-hand side of the window. Choose Adjust.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 2

3 Look under Black & White
The Grain option can only be applied within the Black & White section. Click the downward-facing arrow next to the section title to reveal the extra options in the list.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 3

4 Get granular
You can now use the slider at the bottom to add the Grain effect. You may not notice a huge difference, especially on a smaller screen, but it does more than you might think.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 4

5 Make it stronger
To make the effect more intense, click Add at the top of the list and choose Definition. This slider will make details clearer, including the grain you’ve added.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 5

6 Zoom to see
If you want a clearer look at the Grain effect you’ve added, use the slider to zoom into your image. Now you can adjust the Grain again to get the perfect level for your shot.

SS Photos_Grain Effect Step 6