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6 Tips To Style Your Moustache To The Max This Movember

“The moustache maketh the man.”

This phrase was first introduced to Gadget in a Starbucks; we overheard it as a young lad rocking a fuzzy ‘stache, lensless glasses and a pocket comb shared his wisdom for living a dapper life in the modern century. And while you should never usually trust the words of a hipster, we have to admit there’s a certain charm to the notion. Here’s the thing, we’re bringing it back. Moustaches are cool and you would (probably) look cool with one, too. Okay, there’s a risk you’ll look like an Eighties porn star, but either way, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  1. Keep it clean 

    Whether you’re getting intimate or on your way to the office, no sane person wants to look a dude in the eye with a filthy moustache; that’s just a true fact of life. A good face scrub is essential for removing unwanted food and dead skin cells building up behind the scenes. A clean moustache is a healthy moustache.

  2. Trim your options 

    After you’ve grown your ‘stache out a little – a month of avoiding a razor will usually do it – you should quickly get a good idea of what you’re capable of growing. Trim your options immediately by deciding what look you want to aim towards, as this will keep you focused and should help you avoid any unfortunate manscaping disasters.

  3. Moisturising is cool now, honest! 

    Whether you’re doing your best with a dirt lip or adding soup to the list of foods you can no longer consume in public, your face is going to take a beating. The skin underneath a moustache can become surprisingly dry and the last thing you want is dandruff. Forget the stigma surrounding moisturising and start massaging it onto the skin daily.

  4. Wax is your friend 

    Unhappy with the amount of heads you’re turning and the compliments you’re receiving? Then it’s time to get grooming. Moustache wax may have been adopted by the hipsters, but we are taking it back. Finger a small dollop of wax between your fingers and apply it sparingly to the body of your ‘stache for some seriously manly definition.

  5. Learn to twirl 

    If you want to look really dapper, then you need to learn the art of the twirl. Grab a little wax – warm it first by rubbing it through your fingers – and then proceed to gently twirl each end into position. Think of it like you’re clicking your fingers; only you aren’t making an annoying sound, you’re making your moustache look awesome.

  6. Get grooming 

    One of the best tools in the moustache game is a small, pocket-sized comb. Not only is it great for helping you apply wax and trim evenly, but it also helps keep your facial fluff in check. Tugging at your moustache is bad news; get out of the habit by regularly combing it to help keep its definition and shape.