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SteamOS on your TV with Jetpack

SteamOS installed on the new Jetpack may be a possibility, allowing for a hidden, mounted Steam Machine behind your TV

After the announcement of the SteamOS, we mostly expected to see hardware manufacturers coming out of the woodworks to show off their concept Steam Machines. Whether to increase their profile or not, very few Steam Machines have been “announced” as of yet, however that may be something to do with a lack of available images.

One of the concerns though with living room computing is where to put the device – not all home theatre set-ups have room for much, especially if they’re mounted on the wall. This is where UK startup piixL have come in with their new product known as Jetpack. It’s a gaming-spec PC that straps to the back of a TV, essentially making it invisible, with enough room to mount it via standard VESA wall brackets as well.

Do you want this on the back of your TV?
Do you want this on the back of your TV?

The Jetpack will also run SteamOS on it, piixL said while talking to Pocket-lint, making it one of the few pieces of hardware that has been announced to use it. Right now, it’s a good way for piixL to build up some notoriety.

While powerful gaming PCs for SteamOS are good, we’d like to see someone announce a small box purely for using the streaming function. Hopefully, when the first images get released, developers will understand it enough to put together hardware that might support it.