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Stay connected with interactive watch faces

Your watch face can do much more than just tell the time

Stay connected with interactive watch faces

Stay connected with interactive watch faces

The latest version of Android Wear brings with it various improvements, but perhaps the most obvious is the inclusion of interactive watch faces. Google has included a watch face called Together in the latest update and this is designed to keep you connected in a variety of ways with one special person. It is an obvious counter to the Apple Watch. One which potentially offers more features, but you can only connect with one person so make sure you choose wisely. Once you have set up Together, you can share emojis, send photos, sketches and stickers, or even share your most recent activities. It takes some time to get used to, in particular the way some notifications appear on your watch face, but the end result is an emotional one that grows over time and one which has the potential to develop friendships in a completely new way. If you use an Android Wear watch and someone close to you also does, you should try Together.


The very first thing you should do is check that you are running the latest version of Android Wear on your device. You will need to go to Settings on your watch and then tap System updates. You need to be seeing Android 1.3 to use the new interactive watch faces.


You will now need to go to the Android Wear app on your phone and navigate to the watch faces. Scroll down until you see the Together option in the list, tap it to activate this option as your main watch face. It is a particularly simple and effective choice for daily use.


The next screens will take you through the setup process, which is surprisingly easy, but you do need to follow it closely. It is worth spending some time setting everything up correctly as you will likely use the features very often and you want them to work reliably.


You will eventually reach a screen that asks you to Pair With A Friend, which you will need to tap in order to proceed further. Your Google account details are used to identify you, so make sure that they are correctly recognised on both of your devices before proceeding.


Android Wear will require access to a lot of your personal Google-related information and you should not be concerned about this. If you are already using Google on your phone or tablet, you are effectively giving no extra access to your personal information on your Android Wear device.


You will be asked to send an invite to the person you want to connect your device with and we would suggest to do so via email. When they accept your invitation, you will be connected to each other automatically and can then start to use all of the personal features.


The pairing screen within the Together watch face settings will change as soon as the invite has been accepted. This is all you need to see in order to start using Together in earnest. The connection will remain active until such a time as you choose to break it.


You can now send and receive emojis or sketches whenever you want to with your special contact and they will receive yours immediately. It is actually quite surprising how easy it is to make contact in new ways and to keep relationships healthy just from your wrist.