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Star Wars: Uprising review

This Star Wars spin-off may not be the Android game you're looking for...

Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising

Being Star Wars fans, we’re always up for another spin-off game. Set just after the events of Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens, this one certainly grabbed our attention. You take on the role of a smuggler who’s trying to work off his debt during the Empire’s iron blockade.

It turns out to be a free-to-play action RPG that’s strangely reminiscent of last year’s ‘Spirit Lords’, also developed by Kabam. As in that game, your custom-created hero (choose from four races and various physical attributes) is controlled via touch-in bird’s-eye view levels and you can activate special abilities using similar swipe and tap gestures. For instance, tapping the hero activates the currently equipped self ability, while tap and drag triggers a directional one, such as holding out the blaster for a salvo of rapid fire. Double tapping elsewhere activates a targeted ability, starting out with a diving roll. There’s also an icon-activated ultimate ability that’s charged up during battle.

While quite simplistic – including the auto-targeting of your enemies – combat proves enjoyable and becomes a tad more tactical later on as foes get tougher so you need to make use of your abilities, particularly when you’re up against bosses. What’s not so great is that most missions are pretty formulaic affairs as you take on waves of enemies in samey locations.

Still, the RPG side of the game is fairly deep as you gradually level up not just your character, but their equipment too, using collected materials and gaining new items from completing missions. The opportunity to chat with other players to arrange co-op assault missions and join a cartel adds to the experience.

However, the main story missions require a minimum character level to play, so the opportunity to earn XP and other loot soon becomes limited. To level up, you’ll need to take part in other missions, but even the assault ones are limited to five per day. Participating in sector battles is a good way to earn some new rewards, but they’re only unlocked once you’ve filled the battle readiness meter for a planet by completing assaults. So, to speed up your progress, you may well be tempted by the dark side: IAP bundles of in-game currency.