Squawka Football App Review

Keep up with the soccer scores and stats with the stylish Squawka Football App

New to Android, Squawka Football App brings you all the match and player stats you could ever need. Some, including passes, crosses and tackles, can even be viewed on a pitch diagram.

Elsewhere, the main match feed shows events (goals, saves, substitutions etc) and user comments. It was surprisingly quiet even during the World Cup final and one flaw is the inability to reply to a post, making it harder to build up some footy banter.

A lack of pull-down general stats (as on iOS) for this screen can probably be put down to the beta form of the Android app at the time of writing, along with a few glitches and lack of notifications. Still, it shows a lot of promise and we particularly like the ability to view a bewildering array of player stats, filterable by numerous factors; for example, discover who headed the most goals in the English Premier League.