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Sponsored Post: Digital, self-inflating, or airless tyres

What’s new in tyre industry that you can’t ignore any more.

If you still believe that tyres are nothing more than just air inflated into rubber ‘doughnuts’, you have probably blown a couple of tremendous trends that had pulled up the tyre industry to a new level of safety, performance, and design. Tyre experts from online shop are ready to cast light on some latest really impressive gadgetry innovations that, who knows, may become the golden standard of the tyre industry in the near future.


Revolution in pneumatic tyres
Although pneumatic tyres have been there (and have been constantly refined) for over 100 years, world’s leading manufacturers keep making them more and more sophisticated. So they aren’t likely to leave the scene despite persistent attempts to resurrect experiments with airless tyres. So what is the latest in the niche?


Digital tyres by Pirelli
The tyre giant not only improves its compounds but also looks for ways how to make its tyres adjustable to the manner of driving and the type of terrain through its digital brain connected to the vehicle’s traction and engine control systems. This innovation lets the grip optimize the power. They have already tested it on Ferrari FXX K hypercar and, who knows, maybe this custom-made innovation is the future of your road car?


Michelin: Old tyres and old wine are best…
French tyre giant is working on the tyre that evolves its grip as it ages. Their technology called ‘EverGrip’ turns your understanding of worn tyres upside down. The manufacturer invented the way how to allow water to disperse and escape from under the tyre by using grooves that widen as the tyre’s tread wears out and slices that grow to teardrop-sized holes compensating the tread wear this way. Unlike digital tyres of their competitor Pirelli, this technology is ripe enough to be introduced to certain tyre types.


A tyre that inflates itself
This pretty expectable innovation that is already being used with success in military and heavy vehicles is being explored by the industry’s greatest brains. What if your tyre could measure its pressure and inflate/deflate itself automatically? The innovation that saves your tyres from premature wear and prolongs their lifespan is a true temptation for those who make their living through tyres…But what if the customer tips the scale in the near future?


Reinventing wheel: are air-free tyre technologies coming back?

Conventional tyres filled with air with their chronic puncture pain can soon appear on the scrap-heap if the airless tyre throwback justifies itself. After representing its ‘Tweel’ tyre back in 2005, Michelin is experimenting with their air-free tyres trying to make its benefits outbalance the drawbacks. The tyre that consists only of a tread, solid nave and flexible spokes made of polyurethane not only perfectly resists to aquaplaning, shows higher side strength and lets you forget about your puncture headaches, but also, as the manufacturer claims, has 3 times longer lifespans. If the manufacturer finds the way how to deal with increased vibrations caused by higher friction at high speeds, airless tyres can soon become a mainstream you certainly wouldn’t dare to ignore.