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Speed Up Your Android Phone With SetCPU

With the SetCPU you can speed up or slow down your phone's processor depending on whether you want better performance or battery life

If you have had your device for a little while, you might start to feel that it is lagging behind the latest handsets or tablets that are available.

Most processors that are made for computers or phones have a higher speed  tolerance than they are set to by default. On the other hand you might have a brand new device that you feel you never use all the potential of.

You can slowdown the CPU in the device which will then increase the battery life. You can unlock this hidden performance using a variety of apps, but arguably the best is SetCPU which is available on the Market.

  1. Open the Market and search ‘SetCPU’. Purchase the app and then open it.
  2. It will ask for Super User permissions, grant them.
  3. The app will auto detect the best settings for your device.
  4. You can manually set the upper and lower limit for your CPU speed using the sliders. So if you want to increase the speed of your device , slide the ‘Max’ scale all the way to the right , if you want to save battery , slide it a little to the left.
  5. SetCPU also comes with a set of automatic scaling settings. ‘Smartass’ is the default and best for normal use. ‘Performance’ means that the CPU has no scaling as is permanently set to run at maximum speed, ‘Powersave’ does the opposite and permently runs at the minimum setting.