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Spaced 360 review

A pioneering Bluetooth speaker with impressive 360-degree, wraparound sound

These days, it’s not enough to have serviceable audio at an affordable price. There is so much competition on the market – ranging so incrementally in quality – that it’s tough to know what to buy and what to avoid entirely. But that’s why we’ve been on the lookout for something a bit different; and why we fell immediately in love with the Spaced 360.

It’s designed to project sound at 360 degrees, to be placed in the centre of the room as the main attraction. For loud and brash music, it’s perfect for those 6am house parties that organically spring to life when the clubs close, and for the acoustically inclined, it replaces the camp fire you were once so fond of singing around. Basically, it’s purpose built for the festival environment, but has plenty of adaptability to slip into your weekend routine.

Housed inside that futuristic three-pronged shell are six drivers – with three neodymium two-inch full-range drivers handling the mid-to-high frequencies, while three mass-loaded Bass Radiators handle the low end. If that sounds like nonsense let us break it down for you: it basically means that the three 20W speakers are given one hell of a boost, it means your music will sound punchy no matter what.
The constant 360 sweet spot of music isn’t the only thing to be impressed with here. While the Spaced 360 is fairly heavy, weighing in at 1.1kg, it does boast a pretty great battery life. We managed
to get ten hours of tunes out of the Spaced 360, with the volumes ranging between manageable to offensively pronounced.

We were also impressed with how easy it was to connect devices up. Not only does it come packed with NFC out of the box – allowing you to simply bump a supported device to the top and start playing instantly – and a 3.5mm input too, for those of you who still don’t trust the Bluetooth music revolution.

If there’s any point of hesitation, it’s with the price. £250 is a lot to spend on a Bluetooth speaker, and while the sound quality is good, we aren’t convinced it’s that good. Still, Spaced 360 offers sound that an entire room can hear and enjoy without a loss of quality. It’s an impressive achievement, and one we aren’t sure our living rooms won’t be able to live without. 5/5

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