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Sony SmartWatch review

Is Sony's SmartWatch a glimpse of the future for Android accessories? Read on to find out more.

The SmartWatch is part of Sony’s big picture idea of integrating your usage of all your Sony products in to one. It offers a unique way of syncing with your phone, while also doubling up as a standard watch.

The timepiece can be seperated from the wrist strap, and can instead be attached to your person. Although this is a great idea, the clip is a little loose, and due to its small size, you could find yourself easily losing it. The clip also fails to really hold the charger in place when the watch requires charging; usually every other day depending on use. The wrist strap is a little basic and bland, and a lot more could’ve been done to it design wise.

The SmartWatch is a second way of getting updates and storing apps that are also present on your Xperia phone. Using the touchscreen, you can swipe around the various menus on the SmartWatch and check your latest emails, Twitter feed or Facebook messages. Further apps are being regularly uploaded to Google Play.

It isn’t the easiest screen to see things on, but it certainly is a helpful aid if you don’t  have your phone to hand. If you also happen to invest in a Bluetooth hands-free kit, you’ll also be able to use your SmartWatch to control your incoming phone calls, a very nice feature indeed.

Even if you don’t have a Xperia device, Sony have made the SmartWatch compatible with a variety of other Android devices. You can check to see if your device is compatible by visiting the official Sony website.

In terms of innovation, Sony have hit the nail on the head with the Sony SmartWatch. The idea of syncing your watch with your phone is a great idea, and apart from a few issues with the design and look of the product, it’s a great addition to any gadget lover’s collection.