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Sonos SUB review

A subwoofer at the pinnacle of sound quality. Read on for our full review.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Sonos SUB is the sheer size of it, and that size means it has plenty of weight to it. The large black sub is a distinctly different design to may other products in the Sonos range, and it definitely benefits from this. Straying away from the rectangular design of the Sonos Play systems, the SUB is a more square design with the a hole through the centre of it. Not only is the hole a nice aesthetic touch, it also helps balance the acoustics of the subwoofer, and stops any vibrations from happening that affect many similar subwoofers.

Along the back of the subwoofer are plastic grips allowing you lie the sub down, as well as a USB and AC power port. The rest of the SUB is encased in a black gloss finish, that once again looks great, but is prone to those dastardly foes; fingerprints.

For the subwoofer to work, you’ll first need to own either the Play: 3 or Play: 5 speakers, both of which we’ve tested before and are definitely worth the price. The SUB connects wirelessly to the Play:3 or Play: 5, or through the USB port on the back of it. Connecting wirelessly is easy through the Sonos Controller app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. The Sonos system is best when it’s distributed around your house, to really maximise sound, so connecting through USB is a bit of a problem in that department.

When the Sonos SUB is fully connected, sound quality is improved dramatically. Sound is crisp and clear, and bass is punchy no matter what song you’re playing. The SUB always stays in sync with its corresponding speakers, meaning you won’t find any flat notes as such, but instead an intense audio product throughout.

If your wallet can stretch that far, then the Sonos SUB is best hooked up with a Play:5 system. The both of them together offer a unbelievable sound experience that your neighbours will hate instantly.





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