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So simple, so effective – New Apple Ads

How do you counter an advertising campaign that mocks your company?

If you’re Microsoft responding to the Get A Mac ads from Apple, you throw enough money to solve third-world poverty into a single advertising campaign in direct response to those of your rival.

How do you respond to that kind of marketing firepower?

You keep on doing what you’re already doing and laugh if you’re Apple.

There’s no flashiness or celebrity endorsement in Apple’s adverts (aside from the fame the campaign has brought to John Hodgman and better film roles offered up to Justin Long).

The budget must be tiny. Two actors, a white background, music and sound effects. Who needs Pharel Williams (N.E.R.D clearly means just that) and Eva Longoria (quite the desperate housewife if she’s using Vista) prancing about? Jerry Seinfeld, ha!

Bean Counter is the funniest of the new Apple adverts and so remarkably true. Hodgman counts his piles of money allocating a huge amount to advertising and minute pile to fixing Vista, ultimately pushing all the money into the advertising pile.

As I’ve said previously (before the ad aired) the cost of this marketing campaing, a reported $300, could have gone a long way to plug holes, fix code and patch mistakes in Windows Vista.

Apple, albeit smugly, is making a justified point. Why is Microsoft marketing its brand when its main product is still so flawed? If, God forbid, I was a Vista user I’d be gutted that the company has seen fit to try to lure more users or at least reinforce the belief of existing users while ignoring the broken OS I paid good money for.

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