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Snapselect review

Looking to capture the perfect image? Snapselect is an essential bit of kit for the journey

Snapselect does what its name suggests. It helps you select images: the emphasis is on image management rather than storing or editing images – but there are other apps out there for this such as iPhoto or Aperture. The Snapselect app and interface is centred around three key features: Similars, Timeline and Picks/Rejects – you can use all features in combination or separately to organise your photos.

Similars detects photos that look similar using a very clever algorithm. When Snapselect is analysing your images, you can choose the level of analysis applied from low to high. Setting to Highest will pull out duplicates or multiple images taken in the same location around a similar time, while Lowest is the most likely to pull a wider range of similar-looking images. Snapselect isn’t designed to weed out your duplicates, however you can manipulate the Similars features to do that.

Timeline enables you to accurately group together your images by time. Snapselect initially places into clusters according to the day they were taken but you can cluster photos together by the exact time. Finally, Pick/Rejects helps you to quickly and easily pick out your favourite (and least favourite) images by clicking on either the star or ‘x’ icons. It collects all of the images into one place to export for bulk editing or trashing.

One of Snapselect’s biggest benefits is the ability to just import folders of images rather than needing to import a library of images. This means you can use Snapselect to only import the images you want to sort, saving you time. Let’s not forget – it’s not designed to be an image library.
If you do want to sort through a large number of images though, be prepared to wait a while. Snapselect took around eight minutes to analyse 7,500 images, which is pretty speedy – but might be on the cusp of irritating for some. However, an update is due imminently to fix this. If you’ve
got a few hundred or less photos, Snapselect will have them analysed for Similars in just a few moments.

If you’re a keen photographer looking to capture the ‘perfect’ image, Snapselect is an essential bit of kit to help you find it.