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SleepyTime Plus review

A new way of getting 40 winks.

Although a bedtime calculator may seem like an app you’ll never find any need to use, SleepyTime Plus is actually an ingenious little app. The app looks to give you the exact time you need to fall asleep, and then wake up to feel fresh and raring to go. By using the simple input system, you can manually select the time in which you either need to get up, or the time you want to be asleep by, and it’ll evaluate the exact time you need to correctly go to bed, or wake up. As well as displaying the most suitable time for you to wake up and fall asleep, it also displays alternate wake up times, and even tells you the exact amount hour of sleep you can expect when choosing them.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate time, you can create an alarm for it within the app. It’s easy to set-up and will deactivate any other alarm you currently have set up on your phone. The alarm tones tend to be on the quiet side, so make sure you’ve your phone’s volume turned up loud. Accompanying the app is a home screen widget which gives you quick access to some of the basic features of the app. The widget is customisable depending on how you want to use it, and by pressing on it, you can open up the app. The app uses the Holo theme throughout, making it look stylish and modern, and the minimalist design it upholds to throughout makes it run really quickly as well.

Although there are several similar apps on the Google Play store that perform a similar function to SleepyTime, it’s ease of use and modern design that really set it apart from the competition. If you’ve trouble sleeping, or waking up, then SleepyTime Plus is definitely the app for you.