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Skitch review

There are quite a number of Android photo-editing and sharing apps around at the moment, so does Skitch do anything new to stand out from the crowd?

Lets face it, at one time or another we all fancy getting a bit creative, and luckily for us, Skitch is here to try and fulfill that need. The program is simple enough, take photos with the app itself or add your previously taken photos, and customise them to your hearts content.

After you have loaded your photo, and its ready to be designed, you have a number of tools at your disposable. For one, you can add text to your photo, this includes changing the font colour and size, although the small choice of colours is rather disappointing. Use can use a free-hand tool to add random designs to your picture, or just use the shapes that are pre-installed in the app. Once you’ve finished your ‘skitch’, you can upload it to the usual social media platforms, as well as send it to your friends and family.

One of the better things about Skitch is its simplicity, the layout and design of it makes it accessible to all, and even the least ‘arty’ kind of person will have no trouble getting to grips with whats on offer here.

There are definitely more detailed photo editing apps available for Android devices at the moment, but where Skitch is different is with its overall simplicity. If you’re looking for a fun sort of photo-editing app, then I recommend checking out Skitch, but if you’re looking for something with lots of editing tools, then look elsewhere.