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Site of the week: Windows Of The World

This beautifully illustrated microsite opens the curtains to usher cosmopolitan air into your browser, and take a peek outside



These days eCommerce is evolving in new engaging ways to showcase diverse product types and this effort from UK trader Woodyatt Curtains typifies that.

Intended as a compact stand-alone microsite, Windows Of The World contrasts starkly with the company’s main dotcom. A series of sharp, sugary coloured vector illustrations depict distinctive living space windows for eleven international cities. Visitors pick locales from a main rollover map or merely shuffle the carousel-like navigation through London, San Francisco, Vancouver, Havana and beyond. Each clean, unfussy SVG illustration can be clicked to see the ‘outside’ – a pop-up vista from Google Maps.

Click an arrow tab on the right and a full-page overlay describes numerous stats on the featured location’s living costs. A collaborative project between Nottingham agency Impression and Woodyatt, designer Rebecca Lee and developer Sam Goddard ran with the idea of demonstrating cultural differences across global interior design. “The minimal, flat design style fits in well with today’s genre of interior design,” explains Sam Wilson, developer at Impression. “The layout boasts a contemporary feel with interactive and educational features, pulling statistics from and internal research. The project was perfect to utilise modern front-end development techniques, using HTML5, mobile-first Sass, jQuery and SVG images to build the site, it retained the high quality that Impression prides itself on.”

The site opens on a flat world map, which features pins and button icons for navigating more directly

Fancy moving there? The site opens the window to relocation by offering some enlightening living cost stats