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Site of the week: Weget

A cascading collection of HTML5 video clips forms a distinctive portfolio website for Weget, a Dutch design agency who pride themselves on digital



Weget is a digital and design studio based in the city of Groningen, Netherlands, offering a range of services.

Whether you require essential web products for big or small business startups, eCommerce, web applications or hosting and domains – you’ll find it here. Recognised for notable design work across numerous CSS award nominations, this unique portfolio experience details Weget’s work in all languages. Content is arranged in a lengthy structure more akin to a header slider component than a traditional web page.

These seven screen-width panels are defined by HTML5 < video> backgrounds, looping relevant clips (WEBM) of around 25 seconds long. Sparse snippets of text provide hints towards further information and a section of featured works. Most distinctive though is the navigational mode, prompting the use of the M key to pop out the main menu and the arrow keys to cycle down. Neat transitions then roll or flip the next panel into view, while on tablets and mobile a simple swipe gesture controls flow instead.

“The goal for the website was to represent best our strongest points,” explains Dan Ghimpu, CEO and project manager. “In order to achieve this, we chose to use video backgrounds for the most powerful visual impact, combined with a full-screen design, built [with] a block strategy. The gallery of the website had been designed and programmed separately, and then integrated. This was needed to complete the concept of the gallery, which didn’t fit the main style of the website.”

A Portfolio section provides access to a range of featured projects, with a range of rollover previews

The backgrounds for each section use HTML5 video and looping clips in WEBM to add life and motion