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SITE OF THE WEEK: Warsaw Rising

Progressive plugins underpin a poignant 70th anniversary memorial microsite


This beautifully elegant site design, from the talented folks at BrightMedia, is all about legacy and remembrance.

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Rising or ‘Uprising’, a Second World War initiative by the Polish resistance Home Army to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany. As part of those 2014 celebrations, the Warsaw Rising Museum and local tourist board launched an initiative dubbed the ‘Generations Relay’ – asking organisations and businesses to “symbolically assume” ten virtues central to the historic 1944 insurgence. So this new domain is about reiterating that message one year on and passing the baton again via a poignant HTML experience.

“Background images then float gracefully through the space as you click and drag, hiding all superfluous elements aside”

Stirring background audio combines with a crisp white aesthetic and a direct focus on faces. Stylised sketched portraits, both young and old, stare out from the page, holding your gaze to emphasise this incredible human story. These background images then float gracefully through the space as you click and drag, hiding all superfluous elements aside. Scroll down and lengthy text paragraphs materialise in both Polish and English translations provide readable insight.

Delve into the code and you’ll find that interactions, effects and animations skilfully leverage a formidable collection of plugins. Greensock’s selection of library tools does the legwork here, spanning tweening, timeline-based effects and a myriad of distinctive typographic animations sprinkled throughout.

Event videos layer deeper context to the commemorations, while often identifying many of the faces featured throughout the site

A scrollable timeline provides an events calendar with buttons for relevant sections and a handy link for downloading a PDF schedule