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Site of the week: Volkswagen Mexico – Think Blue

Volkswagen Mexico looks to the future of engineering by going back to basics with a dynamic homage to folded paper

This promotional site experience unites the creative talents of Mexico’s Grupo W agency with the forwardthinking of Volkswagen. Built for the carmakers’ Think Blue campaign, it has a bright and clean feel indicative of a more eco-friendly message. Optimised for Google Chrome, the overall look features a distinctive origami, cut card and folded paper aesthetic.

An evocative and richly detailed visual design is augmented by delicate snippets of interactivity that bring the content to life. This dynamism is largely supported by an array of freely available plug-ins. Like so many ‘on trend’ designs, parallax scrolling features, but more for triggering animation events. Favourites such as Superscrollorama, powered by Greensock’s TweenMax can be found alongside skrollr.js.

Zooming functionality for various elements comes courtesy of fancyBox, slideshows from Cycle2, while the lovely crunched paper sound samples are delivered via SoundManager 2. However perhaps most recognisable is pfold.js, available at This neat plug-in offers the unfolding effects to reinforce the papery template theme. Still, much of the appeal here is already achieved with pastel colours, subtle gradients and some well-placed drop shadows to achieve an arresting 3D effect.


Bold colour and more drop shadows make this section appear as though it’s been assembled using scissors and coloured card


Unfolding pop-ups, delicate animations and bursts of sound combine beautifully throughout Think Blue