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Site of the week: Urban Influence

A mobile-first approach to developing this portfolio site highlights stunning cross-device work



Once upon a time, web design was simple. You designed for computers, albeit then for a dizzying array of browsers, but still. These days with a myriad of web-enabled devices to cater for, your content needs to be far more sophisticated.

This portfolio site for Seattle-based, cross-disciplined agency collective Urban Influence rejoices in the responsive. From a notion of “fluidity in form”, sumptuous project case studies can be experienced consistently across multiple screens. “For those seeking to share and sell to the web-based world, competently displaying a product or service across a range of devices isn’t simply ideal, it’s necessary,” explains Urban Influence’s Alexandra Matthiesen, lead strategist. “As the use of mobile devices among all audiences increases quarter over quarter, designers and developers must account for the flux of small and smaller screens. But, as with the best design, a well-executed single size can often fit all.”

However it’s not as though this ‘one size fits all’ approach pulls any design punches either. Out of a WordPress CMS backend serving gorgeous image-laden templates, there is an injection of tasteful CSS choices and SVG-based animation layers on memorable identity. Featured work bounds from the browser, any browser, telling an agency story with actions rather than words. “At Urban Influence, brand is the life of a company, demonstrated in the details,” reveals the site’s Culture page. “We do details.”


Eye-catching graphical headers, swathes of bold colour, simple icons and photography exhibit featured work beautifully

Animated elements add welcome dynamism and movement to the content, thanks to the work of SVG