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Site of the week: The Boxtrolls

Animation studio Laika calls in a heavyweight creative partnership to weave a fitting web experience for the latest blockbuster

Site of the week The Boxtrolls


This lavish promo site for new animated movie The Boxtrolls combines on and offline content to support the September release.

Representing animation studio Laika, a client known for box-office hits Coraline and Paranorman, the project demanded painstaking attention to detail. Denver’s Legwork Studio worked closely with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to immerse young fans. A trendier, flatter design UI layered over imagery was jettisoned in favour of something more timeless. Production-like techniques were adopted, culminating in an “interactive trailer” experience.

With movie scenes naturally not shot in layers for easy extraction and parallax, the designers went the extra mile to bring this vision to the web. “’This isn’t working’  were the first words from [Wieden+Kennedy’s] creative director Caio Lazzuri when we presented our initial ‘flat design’”, reveals Legwork’s Dave Soderberg, creative director. “Fast-forward and we were mimicking Laika’s craftmanship by painting elements in Photoshop and 3D rendering custom animated interactions. The [agency’s] motion team was rotoscoping thousands of frames and had teams shooting custom footage at Laika. [This] production resulted in an experience with games, animated characters, and a narrative introducing kids and adults alike to Laika’s next great movie.”

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 16.56.10

• A world map-style main menu unlocks a journey for the user through the Boxtroll world of Cheesebridge

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 16.57.33

• Subsequent sections reveal the film’s cast of colourful characters and the distinctive actors voicing them